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Unattended Death Cleanup Services

You May Need An Unattended Death Cleanup in California

Many families in California received the unfortunate news every day that a relative was discovered dead at their home.  When a person dies undiscovered for any amount of time over 1 day they will likely begin to decompose.  If they are discovered after this has happened there will likely be decomposed dead body tissue and blood that is left on the home’s surfaces.  These can also create extreme odors at the home as well.  CaliforniaCleanIt and our company’s hazmat cleaners are trained to know how to deal with cleaning a home after an unattended death.

CaliforniaCleanIt and our biohazard cleaners do hundreds of unattended death cleanup jobs every year at homes in California and have extensive knowledge of what to do to clean up the blood and bodily fluids from the aftermath of the death.

What is An Unattended Death & Our Cleaning Process 

An unattended death refers to a situation where an individual passes away and their body is not immediately discovered. It could occur in a person’s home, a rental property, or any other location where the deceased was living alone or without regular check-ins. Unattended deaths can lead to significant decomposition of the body, which can result in the release of bodily fluids, strong odors, and other biohazards.  Due to Californiacleanit and our partner’s large network of locations we service in California, we can help you by scheduling our unattended death cleanup services. 

The specific process and equipment used to clean an unattended death can vary depending on the severity of the decomposition and the extent of the contamination. However, here is an overview of the general steps involved in cleaning an unattended death by our trauma cleanup technicians:

  1. Assessment: Professional unattended death cleanup technicians at Californiacleanit will assess the scene to determine the level of contamination and the necessary steps for cleanup. They evaluate the extent of decomposition, the affected areas, and any potential hazards or challenges.
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Cleanup technicians don personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect themselves from potential biohazards. This typically includes gloves, masks, goggles, coveralls, and sometimes respirators.  Safety is important so our staff takes every measure to keep our cleaners safe from any punctures or exposure to the blood or bodily fluids they clean at your home. 
  3. Containment: The affected area is cordoned off to limit access and prevent the spread of contaminants. This step helps protect both the cleanup technicians and any individuals who may enter the space during or after the cleanup.
  4. Biohazard Removal: The technicians carefully remove any biohazardous materials present, such as bodily fluids, tissues, or other decomposed matter. Specialized tools, such as scoops, shovels, and absorbent materials, may be used to safely collect and contain the biohazards for proper disposal.  It is with every effort we use our staff’s skills to ensure that all biohazards can be removed for your safety and the future habitants of the room being cleaned.
  5. Deep Cleaning and Decontamination: Thorough cleaning and decontamination are crucial in an unattended death cleanup. Professional-grade cleaning agents and disinfectants are used to sanitize and eliminate bacteria, viruses, and odors. This process involves cleaning all surfaces, including floors, walls, furniture, and any objects affected by the decomposition.
  6. Odor Removal: Strong odors are often a significant concern in unattended death situations. Cleanup technicians employ specialized techniques and equipment, such as foggers, ozone generators, or air purifiers, to neutralize and eliminate odors from the environment.
  7. Structural Restoration: In some cases, structural restoration may be required to address any damage caused by decomposition or the cleanup process. This can involve removing and replacing contaminated materials, such as flooring or drywall, to ensure the space is restored to a safe and habitable condition.  Full restoration may require services outside of the scope of the trauma cleanup technicians and should be discussed with our staff ahead of time and with your insurance company in order to determine what level of coverage they are providing. 
  8. Claims Assistance: Our team can help with discussing what can and can’t be completed under your insurance policy.  Call us first and we can submit the claim properly and determine what you are covered for even before we start. 
  9. All work that is being done is agreed to first and discussed before moving forward with any biohazard cleaning.  Contact our offices in California to find out what we can do for you. 

How To Schedule an Unattended Death Cleanup in California

CaliforniaCleanIt is the fastest-growing biohazard cleanup company in California, which makes scheduling easier than you may think.  We likely have a regional office in your city which can allow us to get to your house faster to evaluate the damages caused by the unattended death.
To schedule an estimate or unattended death cleanup in California you simply need to call our toll-free number and we will transfer you to our nearest office to set up a time to meet at the property.

How Much Does it Cost?

We do not charge for estimates unless it is clearly told to you that we will need to.  This is rarely the case as we do hundreds of free estimates every year. Compiling the exact costs for the unattended death to be cleaned up does require an onsite estimate.  In rare cases, we are able to provide a remote estimate with pictures you email us but it is best to have one of our local branch offices come to take a look at how extensive the damage is.

Do You Accept Insurance?

Insurance can oftentimes cover some or all of the costs of an unattended death cleanup in California.  Although it is important to note that every homeowner’s policy is different.  They have different limitations, deductibles, and payouts for various types of damages. Our customer service representatives will help you go over your homeowner’s policy and help determine if there is a reason to file a claim.

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