The idea of a dead body cleanup in California is not really new. Police departments across the country regularly perform this type of cleanup. However, this type of crime scene cleanup is also executed by some California law enforcement agencies because of the element of surprise that it provides. Because the smell of a deceased body could be very toxic, and it can cause serious health problems to any living organism that comes in contact with it.California is prone to unexpected events. This is why law enforcement must act fast when they occur. It is important that parents do all they can to ensure that their loved ones are safe when dealing with this type of situation. This means that you should contact the California law enforcement agencies right away and let them know exactly where you are located. If you have time, it might even be a good idea to get there a bit early so that you can spot out the nearest medical response team. You will know if they can give you an honest assessment and if it is possible to make a decision about whether to transport your loved one to the hospital or send them home.When dealing with an unexpected happens like this, you will need to consider the fact that you may not have time to deal with the situation if the authorities arrive on the scene too quickly. Therefore it is important to remember that the best thing that you can do is to leave it alone until the health department has given the all clear. If the police advised you to bring it to be tested for natural causes of death, you can leave the body as is. You should also consider that if the health department gives you the all clear that the body is not deceased, then you should remove the body so that it can be tested for infectious diseases. After the testing are complete and it is confirmed that the body has not died, you may return the body to your family. If you find it necessary to have the body tested then you should take along with you a certificate of death and notify the next of kin immediately.
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