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Biohazard Cleanup Services

Biohazard Cleaning for California Homes

CaliforniaCleanIt and our employees are the people to call for licensed biohazard cleanup in California.  We have a long history of providing trained crime scene and biohazard cleaners to homes in various cities across the state of California.  With over 15 years of experience in the biohazard cleaning industry, we are the leaders and experts both law enforcement in California and homeowners in California call on when they need rooms cleaned that have been exposed to hazardous fluids such as blood and human debris.  Because of our equipment, we are able to provide guarantees that many of our competitors cannot.  Contact our staff to discuss your biohazard and hazardous substance that you need to be cleaned.  We focus on blood cleanup and have techniques we use to sterilize and clean surfaces with bloodstains and remove traces of any infectious disease.

What is a Biohazard?

Biohazard is a term that refers to any biological agent that poses a risk to human health. What does this mean? It means that there are certain agents, such as bacteria or viruses, which can be harmful or fatal if they infect you. These types of biohazards are usually found in medical settings, but they have also been known to occur in schools and homes. What’s the most important thing you need to know about these hazards? You should always take precautions when it comes into contact with them.

Examples of Biohazard Scenes We Clean or Remove in California 

Biohazards present in trauma scenes require professional cleanup for several important reasons. Here is an outline of why professional cleanup with the technicians at Californiacleanit and its partners is necessary, along with examples of biohazard scenes commonly encountered:

  1. Health Risks: Biohazards, such as blood, bodily fluids, and tissues, can contain pathogens that pose significant health risks. These pathogens may include bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms. Exposure to these biohazards can lead to the transmission of infectious diseases. Professional cleanup technicians at Californiacleanit and its partners and contractors are trained in handling biohazards safely, minimizing the risk of exposure, and ensuring thorough decontamination.

Examples of biohazard scenes:

  • Homicides or Assaults: Crime scenes involving acts of violence can result in blood and bodily fluid spills that require professional cleanup.
  • Suicides: Suicidal incidents often involve blood or other biohazardous materials that need to be safely cleaned and decontaminated.
  • Accidents or Traumatic Injuries: Any incident, such as a car accident or fall, resulting in significant blood loss or the release of bodily fluids, requires professional cleanup to address the associated biohazards.
  • Decomposition: Unattended deaths or bodies left undiscovered for a period can lead to extensive decomposition, releasing biohazardous materials that necessitate specialized cleanup.
  • Industrial accidents: Worksite accidents that result in severe injuries or fatalities may require professional cleanup to address biohazards left behind.
  • Hoarding situations: Excessive hoarding can create biohazard scenes due to the accumulation of waste, bodily fluids, and decomposition. Professional trauma cleanup or blood and bodily fluids is essential to restore safety and hygiene to the living space.

Why Use Our Professionals for Biohazard Cleaning in California 

  1. Compliance with Regulations: Professional cleanup ensures compliance with local, state, and federal regulations governing the proper handling, transportation, and disposal of biohazardous waste. By hiring professionals, you can be confident that the cleanup is conducted in accordance with these regulations, reducing legal and environmental risks.
  2. Specialized Equipment and Techniques: Professional cleanup technicians have access to specialized equipment, tools, and cleaning agents designed for effective biohazard cleanup. They employ specific techniques to safely remove, disinfect, and decontaminate affected areas. This ensures thorough cleanup and minimizes the potential for residual contamination.
  3. Emotional Support and Sensitivity: Traumatic events can have a profound emotional impact on individuals involved or affected by the incident. Professional cleanup technicians approach their work with empathy and sensitivity, recognizing the distressing nature of the situation. They provide support and conduct their work discreetly, respecting the privacy and emotions of those involved.

Is Blood A Biohazard?

We consider blood outside of the human body to be considered a biohazard.  Many bloodborne pathogens and illnesses can be transmitted by blood.  There are also rules and regulations on how blood should be cleaned from a home and disposed of. These biohazard regulations include blood related cleaning at homes in California.  It is not recommended to try to clean blood yourself when you have had an accident or death at your home in California.  Our biohazard cleaners can take care of all the bloodstains and spills and remove any biological hazards.

What To Do When You Discover You Need Biohazard Cleanup in California?

The staff at Californiacleanit understands that you may never have had to call a company for biohazard cleanup before.  We make every effort to have our customer support team take you through all the steps that are needed to remove the biohazards.  You can rest assured that our team of trained crime scene & trauma cleaners in California has handled nearly every type of disastrous situation. 

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